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Contact Information Community CPA Dan Kim 515-720-5872   For Immediate Release YING SA’S NEW BOOK, 8AM, NOW AVAILABLE   Des Moines, IA – Des Moines-based entrepreneur and business owner Ying Sa has published her first book, Appointment with Ying @ 8am: Starting up a Business. This book is now available for purchase online:   Over the course of a year, Ying meets with about 2,200 clients. An immigrant formerly from Canada and China, she shares her experiences about starting up a business in the United States through her exceptional understanding of business and compassionate story telling. The book is all about how to get started in business, from the perspective of business narratives.   You will find business stories about Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Elkhart Trolley. Through these accounts, Ying introduced three imaginary countries that all business owners are coming from – Land of Hand, Land of Heart, and Land of Head. The journey to the Business Land from these imaginary countries are no different from a journey as an immigrant to USA.   You will meet business owners “Hua Hua,” “Samuel,” and many more. If you are not an immigrant and want to start a business, find “Emily” in the book. If you are an ITIN holder and want to start a business, find “Jose” in this book. Ying’s hope is that you will truly see the reflection of yourself in these accounts. This book’s perspective is on starting a business from a position of clear self-realization.   The 8am book is first in a four-book series, to be followed by 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. The series follows the life-cycle of a business. Just as we start our day and go to rest at night, a business goes through a similar process as well. 8am is about starting, 10am is about developing, 2pm is about expanding, and 6pm is about sun-setting and retiring from business.   Start your collection of all four books today. Follow Ying at,,,,

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Where is my $1,200 Recovery Rebates?

Tips to get $1,200 Recovery Rebates of CARES Act – hurry and hurry! If you have a college student in your 2018 1040. For 2019 return, file the your college kid 1040 as independent person. That way he or she gets $1,200 rebate not $500 as your dependent. If your house hold income changed a lot in 2019, especially you made less money in 2019 than 2018, you might meet the threshold now. File your 1040 2019 right away to get the rebate for your family. If you gave birth to a child or a few child in 2019, please file 2019 return right away, so you get the $500 rebate per dependent. We are thinking for you…… You do not need to apply for the rebate. You need to do nothing but do what we said above. It comes to you by mail or by direct deposit. Your tax return information is important. Be sure your direct deposit account is accurate. Plan for 8 weeks waiting time. Nothing is going to come tomorrow. General rules: Individuals with adjusted gross incomes up to $75,000 a year will be eligible for the full $1,200 check. Reduced checks will go out to individuals making up to $99,000 a year (the payment amount falls by $5 for every $100 in income above $75,000).Married couples are eligible for a $2,400 check as long as their adjusted gross income is under $150,000 a year. Reduced checks, on a sliding scale, will go out to married couples who earn up to $198,000. Married couples also will receive an additional $500 for every child under 17.People who file as a “head of household” (typically single parents with children) are eligible for a $1,200 check if they have an adjusted gross income up to $112,500 a year. Reduced checks on a sliding scale are available for heads of household earning up to $136,500 annually. Heads of household will also receive an additional $500 per child under 17.

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Ying Sa, CPA, and CEO of Community CPA, selected to serve on the National Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a Federal Advisory Committee to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Sa is the only member representing Iowa on TAP. Des Moines, IA – CPA Ying Sa and CEO of Community CPA has been selected to take part of the Internal Revenue Service’s advisory council, called the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel. This group helps identify issues important to taxpayers and to provide perspective to the IRS’ key programs, products, and services. “I will work with our local Taxpayer Advocates to bring solutions to the table,” says Sa, “and I look forward to making contributions to Taxpayer First initiative, which is a priority at the IRS.” TAP is diverse demographically and geographically. Sa is honored to be the only Iowan to serve on the focus group for a three-year term. She will devote 200-300 hours volunteering, examining taxpayer suggestions and forming proposals to the IRS, and engaging in public outreach. Ying Sa is the founder of Community CPA and Associates and has been in CPA practice since 1998. Ying served on the Iowa Board of Accountancy from 2012-2018, and her experience includes VP of Controllers at Wells Fargo Financials and CFO of Iowa Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Ying is honored with numerous awards including Thomas Reuters’ 2019 Luca Pacioli Accounting Award, SBA 2016 Iowa Minority Small Business Champion of the Year Award, the Greater Quad-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Small Business of the Year Award, and as one of the Business Record’s 2010 Women of Influence. For more information on Ying Sa, go to,,,   PDF Version

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Case study of IRS audit to a grocery store

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Viet webinar: Hiring Contractors vs. employees

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit: Board panel

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