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If they say it will be done by a certain day, it will be done no matter what. We are impressed with their love of their profession!!


Meet Ying Sa

Ying Sa is the founder and Principal Certified Public Accountant at Community CPA & Associates, Inc. based in Des Moines, Iowa. The firm provides tax, audit, accounting, business re-structuring and business IT solutions to businesses and individuals across the United States and Canada.



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On March 1, 2013, Ying Sa was appointed by Governor Branstad to serve on Accountancy Examining Board.

The State board of accountancy licenses an individual to practice public accountancy in the United States. The state board is the only body that can revoke a license to practice to any party. State boards of accountancy have disciplinary and enforcement powers over licensees and operate on a complaint-base system. State boards members, both drawn from the accounting profession and others; are appointed to serve by the Governor.

Congratulations to Community CPA!

At Community CPA...

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At Community CPA & Associates Inc, we are committed to provide professional accounting and tax services to our clients where the differences in cultures, social values and business practices are well understood without prejudice and preconceived judgment. These principles and values are reflected throughout our engagements with our clients as we make every attempt to greet and work with them in their native languages.

Community CPA & Associates Inc provides a broad range of professional services. We can bring about resolutions to the most complex and demanding IRS issues – ensuring that our clients are treated with the utmost respect and exceptional service that fits their individual needs and experiences in life. We also are specialized in non-resident aliens and resident aliens’ tax status determination, tax filing, and for business, we can set up tax structures that support the VISA status that you have in United States. We have more than 15 years hand on experiences in handling complex foreign and domestic tax issues with countless proven successes.

Our clients are provided with top-notch service because our capable and dedicated leaders have outstanding experience and a wide range of knowledge and abilities. We believe in long-term relationships and do everything we can to develop our staff and honor our commitments to those we serve.