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If they say it will be done by a certain day, it will be done no matter what. We are impressed with their love of their profession!!


Meet Ying Sa

Ying Sa is the founder and Principal Certified Public Accountant at Community CPA & Associates, Inc. based in Des Moines, Iowa. The firm provides tax, audit, accounting, business re-structuring and business IT solutions to businesses and individuals across the United States and Canada.



Community CPA Blogs

Firm Culture

To our clients:

We respond to our clients within a day, no matter how late it is or how busy we are.

We give 100% attention to our clients, no matter how small the matter is.

We look beyond physical appearances and treat all clients with care and respect.

Among ourselves:

We are here on time to serve our clients, even if the weather is bad.

We help each other out and we work as a team.

When our work requires us to stay late, we do not hesitate to stay late.

To the firm:

We appreciate the benefits and opportunities the firm provides to us.

We treasure and protect the reputation of the firm.

We believe our individual career growth is based upon the firm's growth.

We respect the management team and help them find more and better ways to grow.